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Our Wholesale Program-

Kuhnhenn Custom Barrel Aged Program Details.

  • A Collaborative customization of beer, We use our standard label with a added area for a picture or graphic of your choice, and a Custom Name. Labels will get TTB approval. Be mindful of copyrighted material and trademarks. No use of the Distillers names or logos will be used.
  • You are making this beer in collaboration with Kuhnhenn Brewing.
  • Custom description area 6 lines 23 Character spaces per line.
  • Limited availability Barrels from Local distilleries.
  • You can purchase and blend multiple barrels.
  • Prices on the web site are the suggested retail price so back out a 30% margin to get your wholesale price. Our system only does retail prices.
  • TTB Approved ingredients only. click here TTB approved beer ingredients
  • Prices of barrel fill include , Labels,  12oz long neck beer bottles, Case boxes with bottle dividers. The Barrel is purchased separately, due to limited inventory. Yield is approximate, 17 Cases. Your case count will be e-mailed to you.
  • Draft 30 liter Key Kegs are available for those who wish to keg their product. There is a Discount of $7 per key keg verses bottles.
  • Order Cut Off Date: Feb 29th.
  • Brew Date : Second and Third week of March 2020
  • Rack to Barrel April 2020 beer ages until September 2020
  • Pick up: Saturday September 19th, Bottle share and release party. Michigan Distributed -Product will be ready after the Swap. Clinton Township Location.
  • Custom Label submit dead line April 1st (on your Account page)
  • All beers will be registered with the state of Michigan with TTB #. And can be sold.
  • Exclusive release party  – Essentially swap your Custom product with other people – includes 8 seat reservation.
  • Labels will be posted on our web site.
  • Kuhnhenn Brewing with retain 6 bottles for quality assurance. Beer will not be pasteurized, but we may add stabilizing ingredients to prevent re-fermentation. ( like chocolate contains sugar we need to keep it from fermenting)
  • Payments are paid to the Distributor in MI, A commitment of 25% of the Retail Invoice price is required by April 1st.
  • We are Licensed to sell as Wholesalers Direct in Wisconsin, Washington.
  • A Deposit of 10% of the Retail Invoice price is required by April 1st.
  • You will get a corrected wholesale invoice with your deposit amount applied after April 1st.
  • For shopping cart choose Cash on Delivery option – Pay your wholesaler. Deposit and final payment on Delivery
  • Within 100 mile area we will pickup your barrel from you.
  • The Barrel is your to keep. The spent barrels can taken after you get your order fulfilled email. All barrels after September 19th will become Kuhnhenn property and disposed of.

The Beer Choices

  • Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine–  This Ale is very malt forward,  Deep red in color with a prefect warming finish. We will brew and fill into freshly  dumped barrel barrel of your choice.
  • American Imperial Stout– An Intense stout, Balances more to the malty side despite the large amount of roasted barley.  Not cloyingly sweet, just enough bitterness to balance this treat. We will brew and fill into freshly  dumped barrel barrel of your choice. With a variant if you choose.
  • 4th Dementia Olde Ale(4D) This is our 4th Dementia Olde Ale that has been bourbon barrel-aged. This ale has an intense sweet caramel malt flavor and aroma that develops into a toffee and toasted marshmallow-like character. will brew and fill into freshly  dumped barrel barrel of your choice. With a variant if you choose

Detroit City Distillery – Rye and Bourbon

Two James- Rye Whiskey , Bourbon Whiskey , Corn Whiskey

Heaven Hill Distillery- bourbon whiskey

Mexican Reposado Tequila Barrel

Willett Rye Whiskey